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 Best skateboard for kids




Every parent wants the best for their kids and choosing the right skateboard is no different. While choosing a good skateboard, one should the one that is well built, provides good support for kids and is colourful as well. Buying a good skateboard can be also economical in the long run as it can last for a longer duration. Three varieties of skateboards are currently available in the market. Experts suggest that, while buying a skateboard, size does not play a role. Hence one can use adults’ boards also for kids.


Types of skate boards


The three types of skateboards currently available in the market are classic, retro and snake skateboards. Classic skateboards are the one that are commonly available in supermarkets and toy shops. Hence it is also one of the most used skate boards. If one wishes to skate long distances, they should go for Retro skate boards. These are longer than others and also have larger wheels. A snake board on the other hand has only one wheel and requires intensive balance .It is therefore not suitable for small kids or beginners.


A skateboard in general has three parts namely wheels, trucks and decks. Part of the skateboard where one can stand on is called the deck. Metal parts of the skate board which aid in attaching the wheels to the board are called trucks. Manufacturers of skate boards say that skateboards are generally classified into beginner boards, advanced boards and professional boards. Some manufacturers also classify them as Rookie and Pro series. The beginner or rookie boards make use of softer materials for the wheels, which is essential for street or sidewalk skating. Pro boards make use of hard wheels and high quality bearings which are very good for usage in skate parks. Pro boards are also made of good materials as they tend to break otherwise when skaters are performing tricks.


The classic beginner boards are well suited for small children below the age of ten years. It is good to invest in a skateboard manufactured by reputed companies for small children as it help them to learn balancing on the skateboards. Some very cheap ones available in the market are not worth investing as they may cause accidents. Kids generally love colourful skateboards with attractive graphics. Many of these are readily available in the market also. Along with skateboards, a parent should also invest in other protective gear like skateboard helmets, skateboard pads, knee pads, wrist pads etc. for the all round safety of the kids while skating.